Terms of service

Provision of services of https://instantcode.co resource shall be regulated by User Agreement available at https://instantcode.co/en/content/3-terms-and-conditions-of-use

Website https://instantcode.co shall be an Internet resource constituting an online shop and offering its customers the services of increased-speed access (hereinafter – "Service") to other Internet resources, which have business relations with https://instantcode.co website.
Service shall be an alphanumeric character set, and under no circumstances shall constitute an executable, text, multimedia, graphical files or other file typed, and cannot be interpreted as content.
User shall be an individual or a legal entity, who/which purchases/wishes to purchase a service on the website https://instantcode.co

1. Acceptance of conditions

1.1. By visiting the website https://instantcode.co, by purchasing and using services offered on https://instantcode.co (here in after – "Services"), you confirm your full and final approval of this USER AGREEMENT, current version whereof is available on https://instantcode.co/en/content/3-terms-and-conditions-of-use
1.2. User shall consent to this User Agreement by checking the box "I accept the terms of service unconditionally" and pressing the button "To pay", and such consent shall be unlimited.

2. Matters regulated by this User Agreement

2.1. This User Agreement shall establish legal relations between you and our website https://instantcode.co, which shall regulate and describe rules of using services purchased on https://instantcode.co.

3. Rules and restrictions regarding use of purchased services.

3.1. A User purchasing services on the website https://instantcode.co, hereby confirms, understands and fully consents to the following:
3.1.1. Purchased service shall be used only for User’s personal purposes.
3.1.2. Purchase of service shall under no circumstances constitute purchase of any content.
3.1.3. All responsibility for using a Service shall be borne exclusively by User having purchased the Service on the website https://instantcode.co
3.1.3. User may get a refusal from Service provision, provided the security department of https://instantcode.co website suspects it in fraud attempt during Service purchase, as well in sole discretion of https://instantcode.co security department, without giving any reasons for refusal.
3.2. User purchasing a Service on https://instantcode.co website hereby confirms, understands and guarantees the following:
3.2.1. Purchased service shall be used only for User’s personal purposes inflicting no harm (in any of its manifestations) on any third persons.
3.2.2. Purchased service shall not be used by User for downloading from/to the Internet resource server of the following materials:
- content, which violates any copyright, patent; trade mark, trade secret, or other right belonging to any persons;
- content, which has explicit sexual or pornographic substance, materials for adults, materials inciting violence, hatred or racism, or indecent information;
- content containing viruses and/or other programs (codes, scripts, active content, etc.) designed for operation termination or failure, collection of information leading to loss of confidentiality or losses during operation, obtaining unauthorized access to system resources, restriction in operation of any software, hardware or communication means, and other actions for the purpose of inflicting harm;
- Content violating any legislation in the sphere of distributing information on human and child trafficking, production and sales of weapons and/or forbidden substances, and/or material which is illegal, tortuous, threatening, violent, insulting, sensitive, damaging, vulgar, discrediting, entrenching on one’s personal life, or inadmissible on racial, ethnic and other grounds.
- Content violating legislation of a country (or any of its part), a citizen whereof such User is, in which it resides, in which it is currently located, or in which it plans to stay with the content.
3.2.3. No harm shall be inflicted (in any of its possible forms) on the reputation of https://instantcode.co website or its partners by any acts or defaults.
3.2.4. It shall not distribute any false, misleading or deliberately distorted information about https://instantcode.co website or its partners.
3.2.5. In case it has any information on any violations by Internet resources, the access whereto User purchased on https://instantcode.co website, it shall immediately notify the https://instantcode.co security department thereof at its e-mail address: info[@]instantcode.co.
3.3. User hereby understands and confirms that https://instantcode.co website bears no relation to mutual relations (in any of their manifestations) between User and Internet resource, or to access, wherefor User purchases/wishes to purchase a Service.

4. Refunds

We offer 100% guarantee. However, our products are subject to Terms and Conditions and we will offer a refund only if the service did not work. Our overall objective is safety and execution of obligations to clients. As we sell non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the product is delivered. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item at our site. If the error occurs we will try our best to solve the problem in 72 hours, after this time if the problem can't be solved we will make the refund. We do not take responsibility and no warranty if your account is banned, blocked because of broken the rules of hosting company.
4.1 When refund is possible:
4.1.1 The duplicated orders. If system on what or, to the reasons has sold to you two identical premium codes instead of two different.
4.1.2 If the sold premium code has appeared not efficient.
4.1.3 Received a wrong voucher code, e.g. a wrong retention or wrong service. 
4.1.4 After you successfully completed the payment and for any reason we couldn't deliver your order within 7 days.
4.2 When refund is not possible:
4.2.1 Ordered premium codes or accounts but do not need it anymore.
4.2.2 Simultaneous purchase of several different premium keys. The scenario at which the user purchases some codes, applies them, what most approaches its needs chooses, and, then tries to receive the refund for all other goods which do not approach it, is regarded as dishonest. 
4.2.3 A refund will not be accepted if the hosting company is no longer active due to some technical issues, or closed according to law or other issues, or you cannot access the website.
4.2.4 We can not offer a refund if after the purchase, the user feels that the download is slow, the link is dead, or does not get get the desired files to download

5. Additional conditions

5.1. The Customer (Client) agrees that the sum drawn out from his/her payment card may differ from the sum specified in the good value and unconditionally agrees with the right of https://instantcode.co to determine internal course of the currency exchange.
5.2. User hereby confirms that it is fully legally capable and competent for entering into this User Agreement and for fulfilling its conditions.
5.3. Upon execution (adoption) hereof on behalf of organization, User shall perform conditions hereof for the organization and shall confirm its authority to bind such organization with such conditions. In this case, the term "User" shall refer to you as a real person, as well as to organization represented by you.
5.4. Provided any of these conditions are recognized vague, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such conditions shall be considered separable from other conditions and shall not affect validity and enforceability of all other conditions (provision of this User Agreement).



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